Qualcomm-2-594x285Qualcomm goes big on wifi and IoT with multiple chip launches


Qualcomm has announced new chips and technologies designed to boost domestic wifi coverage, at-home IoTconnectivity, wearable tech capability and next generation broadband delivery.

Starting off with domestic wifi coverage boosting, and Qualcomm launched a new family of 802.11ac platforms designed to optimise device wifi usage by intelligently allocating radio spectrum in the home. It says its new three radio solutions combine two 5 GHz radios and a 2.4 GHz radio to help improve connectivity; and its platform, used on new routers and repeaters, can appropriately dedicate radio in the legacy 2.4 GHz band to devices only compatible with the 802.11n standard. This, in theory, can alleviate congestion on domestic networks and ensure more bandwidth availability for devices compatible with the newer 802.11.ac band.

Qualcomm says the self-organising features integrated into the new platform means it will become much easier to register and configure new devices on the network; while automatically allocating capacity for devices based on real-time conditions.

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