(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/lechatnoir)

(Image Credit: iStockPhoto/lechatnoir)

Report predicts 100 million gigabit broadband subscribers by 2020 – fuelled by G.fast technology

A report published by leading broadband analyst firm Point Topic suggests the number of gigabit subscribers could reach 100 million by 2020, with most of the growth coming from the APAC region.

G.fast technology is expected to drive this rapid growth – which although can only currently deliver gigabit speeds over a short distance – it can already secure speeds to meet the vast majority of operator demand and the technology is continually developing.

Point Topic’s CEO, Oliver Johnson, said during this year’s Broadband Forum that G.fast is a vital technology for operators with copper in their networks. “G.fast clearly works best economically in a mature market with copper in the local loop, so I expect most of today’s leading markets will have some G.fast in the next five years and some will see coverage approaching 50% of the market.”

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