imagesAT&T says 1-year TDM technology discontinuance requirements will delay IP transition

AT&T (NYSE: T) has joined the growing chorus of ILECs that say requiring them to give wholesale customers a year-plus notice before they discontinue service will delay the IP transition.

A number of CLECs and competitive industry groups such as XO and INCOMPAS have asked the FCC to mandate that an ILEC provide advance notice to a wholesale carrier customer when they plan to discontinue a TDM-based service.

INCOMPAS (previously known as COMPTEL) told the FCC that “incumbent LECs should be required to identify their replacement product(s); provide sufficiently detailed notification to wholesale purchasers with regard to the discontinuance of service and replacement product(s); have an active functioning replacement product; and allow for sufficient time for competitors to perform all necessary functions for transitioning customers — at least one year — prior to filing an application with the Commission.”

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