career-locations-basking-ridge-overview-3077-800x400Verizon retires more legacy assets in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania


Verizon (NYSE: VZ) has taken another step in its copper retirement program, announcing in an FCC filing that it is replacing copper facilities with FTTH in its Washington Street central office (CO) in Providence, R.I.

Similar to other markets where it has retired copper facilities, the service provider will initially provide traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) over the new fiber facilities.

“Upon completion, Verizon will provide services over its fiber optic network,” Verizon said in an FCC filing. “The majority of customers served by copper at these locations purchase “plain old telephone service.”

After transitioning this CO to fiber, Verizon will continue to offer customers the same voice service over fiber at what it said will be “the same or better price as they received on copper facilities, with no change in the underlying features and functionalities in their service.”

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