Asset Management Programs

Many network operators have decommissioned or idle assets. The network operators incur carrying costs as these assets devalue over time. WestWorld Telecom Corporation can assist network operators in increasing their revenue streams and cash flow by maximizing the value of decommissioned or idle assets through its extensive network of providers. Under our Asset Management programs, WestWorld Telecom Corporation coordinates the re-marketing, recovery, logistics and fulfillment of our customers’ unwanted new, new surplus, decommissioned or refurbished equipment. WestWorld Telecom Corporation designs its Asset Management programs in flexible and creative ways to satisfy the specific objectives of its customers.

WestWorld Telecom Corporation obtains the best resale pricing available.

Our extensive and diverse customer base allows for WestWorld Telecom Corporation to obtain the best resale pricing available. Through racks, cables, brackets, DSX panels, M13 multiplexers, Sonnet, DACS, switches, individual lines cards, or power, WestWorld Telecom Corporation provides its customers with an opportunity to receive generous percentages in selling the product for market value. Network operators who sell their surplus equipment discover it a challenging task, often with results less than anticipated. The market for this resale equipment is dependent on a number of factors: identifying prospects, supporting diverse product lines, warranty issues, etc. WestWorld Telecom Corporation sells your surplus or decommissioned equipment through its extensive network of providers at maximum resale prices.

Why waste valuable time and energy attempting to sell surplus equipment with no pre-established market?

The benefits of participating in WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s Asset Management program include:

  1. Additional revenue stream and increase cash flow through maximizing resale value of surplus equipment through outright purchase or consignment sales,
  2. Decrease in overhead costs by transferring warehousing and related administrative costs and shipping costs to WestWorld Telecom Corporation,
  3. Monthly status reports generated by WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s inventory software. WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s inventory software provides equipment specific identification, location, owner, tracks warranties, etc.
  4. Flexible program designed to satisfy specific objectives, including redeployment of consigned equipment if necessary.
  5. Extensive and diversified network operator customer base.
  6. Extensive contracts in the re-use market.
  7. Knowledgeable sales representatives

By engaging WestWorld Telecom Corporation to coordinate the sale of its surplus equipment, our customers are able to focus their competencies on their core businesses.

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