WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s Spare Parts Management program can provide reductions in our clients inventory carrying costs.

We can help provide full inventory visibility.  Moreover, it can reduce your total cost of ownership through CAPEX and OPEX without reducing network reliability or performance. We offer tactically located depots for rapid delivery of your spare parts.

Spares reliability may not be at its best when storage practices are not ideal. WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s Spares Management Program can clear warehouse space by stocking and managing equipment spares at a central or regional depot locations.

We work with our customers to forecast equipment requirements and to determine the ideal stocking locations. Once we mutually determined required level of spares, we can help dispose of the useless or surplus assets.

Spares Management Program Benefits

Your company can experience quicker response time minimizes network downtime almost immediately.  You will have exact and complete visibility for spare parts inventory.  Our program will allow you to reduced management costs by purging excess and obsolete stock for scrap or recycle.  Your excess surplus material Sales can be returned in the form of a check, credit against future purchases or credit for future repair services.

Proper administration will lower capital investment as a result of reducing the number of spares you will need.  You will reduce your shipping costs as a result of maintaining an inventory on hand and reduce inventory carrying cost as a result of disposing of obsolete parts.

As a result of screening and testing spares prior to delivery you will increase and improve usage.  All in all you will have a much simpler audit process and a decrease in lost or misplaced assets.

Identify excess spares to be used versus the purchase new equipment from the OEM

Finally, your company will see an improved bottom line due to your ability to identify excess spares that can be used as opposed to the purchase of new OEM equipment.

Warranty Verification

WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s Warranty Verification can streamline your repair process.  WestWorld will receive your non-working units directly from the field, determine if they are under warranty and either process and send them to the OEM, or repair them internally, depending on warranty status.

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