WestWorld Telecom Corporation is committed to surpassing our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Whether sourcing from our inventory or utilizing the extensive sourcing network we have developed, WestWorld Telecom Corporation is committed to fulfilling our customers’ equipment needs efficiently and cost effectively.

WestWorld Telecom Corporation looks out for your investment. Because of our ability to “certify” or “re-certify” decommissioned material we can offer it to the market with a warranty­­­­. This provides an increase to its overall value and improves Your ROI.

Strategic acquisitions of networking infrastructure equipment.

Our procurement representatives make strategic acquisitions of networking infrastructure equipment from both our extensive outsourcing network and from network operators. These acquisitions from network operators are for decommissioned equipment or for the purpose of redeploying idle assets. These acquisitions benefit the network operators by adding to its revenue stream, unlocking value and carrying costs of idle assets and significantly increasing its financial return over scrap value. These procurement relationships allow WestWorld Telecom Corporation’s customers to acquire data networking equipment and network elements at very competitive prices.

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Image: Westworld Telecom Corporation is a Green Company supporting Environmental Sustainability